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Peer Support

The Peer Support Program is based on the principle that at every level and in every age group in society, people absorb information and values from each other.

Peer Support and positive peer influence are introduced into the school community by training volunteer Year 10 students to be group leaders to a small number of Year 7 students. These group activities focus on self development, communication skills and leadership opportunities.

The Year 7 students have just experienced a transition from a familiar and senior position in primary school to the most junior and anonymous position in high school.

The Peer Support Program which operates during Term 1 Weeks 1-8, provides small family sized groups each under the leadership of Year 10 students, creating security and friendship to help students adapt successfully to high school life.

The Peer Support Program provides Year 7 students with the opportunity for self development, and the friendship and security of a trusted, older peer.