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Primary Links


Penshurst Girls Campus works closely with our feeder primary schools to provide a student's best start to their high school education.

To support this goal, Penshurst Girls successfully introduced the Primary Links Program. This is an 8 week program for Year 6 female students from our local feeder schools to attend Penshurst Girls once a week for 8 weeks. 

Students experience the day to day organisation of a high school, moving from class to class, with different teachers each lesson. 

The students are provided a large variety of subjects, some they have not experienced in their primary school.  Subjects studied include English, Mathematics, Science, Creative and Preforming Arts and Technology. Within the Performing Arts subject, students develop skills in Dance, Drama, Art and Music. In Technology, students sample lessons in the focus areas of food, woodwork, textiles and computer programming.

The students are able to make friends with students from other local schools and meet students in other year groups.

In a reflection on their time at GRC Penshurst Girls, students who have participated in the program said they were more comfortable in moving into high school and had thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

For more information please ask at the front office, speak to our Primary Links Coordinator Ms Edeling or contact your Principal.