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About our school

Penshurst Girls Campus is part of the Georges River Collegiate group, and is a girls 7-10 Middle School. Students have priority to attend Oatley Senior Campus in Years 11 and 12 from the school. GRC Penshurst Girls Campus is a leading learning community focused on the educational needs of girls. School structures, curriculum and teaching learning programs are designed to achieve the best possible outcomes for students. Students participate in a challenging comprehensive program with access to sporting, cultural and community activities. There are many opportunities for extra curricula activities and the school is well known for its longstanding success in student leadership, public speaking, music and drama. The school emphasises student welfare programs and has an innovative pastoral care system. The school measures everything it achieves by the impact on student outcomes. Community input into the decision making process of the school, and the power of all school members to propose educational initiatives mean the school is engaged in continually improving student learning. The school community values a safe and cooperative learning environment.

Why are we so special?

Georges River College Penshurst Girls Campus is an inclusive and caring school that caters for the needs of girls, and only girls. GRC Penshurst Girls has been educating girls for 60 years and has strong links with its community. Our school has a strong academic reputation and consistently scores well above state average results on all external test measures. Our vision is to educate the whole child. At our school you will develop skills in leadership and collaboration. We foster a love of lifelong learning so that you will have the skills to succeed in our ever changing world. You will be joining a school with a solid reputation for excellence. This is a legacy which you will benefit from, and which will motivate and inspire you to achieve your personal best.

Unique Education

Our teachers are experienced and committed. Their focus is to ensure you develop the skills and acquire the knowledge you need to be an active and engaged citizen who contributes to the world in meaningful ways. Our teachers deliver engaging and challenging learning experiences that are designed just for students in the middle years of schooling. Our environment is unique in that you will be immersed in a school environment that is age and stage appropriate. In this dynamic environment, you will be challenged to take risks as a learner. You will be engaged by flexible curriculum delivery that makes connections between and across subject areas. This makes your learning powerfully meaningful. Our focus is also on the authentic integration of technology, not only to enable you to be an anywhere anytime learner, but also to increase your connection and engagement with your learning.


There are ample leadership opportunities for all girls at GRC Penshurst Girls Campus. We cultivate leaders on the sporting field, in the creative and performing arts, in debating, public speaking, the environment, peer mentoring and student advocacy. Our unique and inclusive setting provides a supportive framework for you to develop your confidence in whatever field inspires you. At our school, all girls are leaders, whether that is on a public platform or through our pastoral care programs that will support you in developing high level personal and interpersonal skills.

We Care

There is something about our school that is unique. There is an atmosphere and a tone in our school that can be felt simply by visiting. The staff are welcoming and the students are friendly. People respect one another. This climate is one which is actively fostered by staff and is often commented upon by students, parents and visitors. Put simply, we care. This can be seen in our proactive student wellbeing programs and in our leadership programs that promote student voice. This can also be seen in the range of extra curricula activities that occur, activities that include all girls and cement their relationship and loyalty to their school.

Creating Your Future

Georges River College offers a unique and age appropriate education at all stages. Our girls transition to our Oatley Senior Campus in Year 11 to begin their Higher School Certificate studies and their preparation for university, TAFE or the world of work. Our Senior Campus is custom built and offers the widest variety of Higher School Certificate courses in NSW. This gives you unparalleled course choices as well as dedicated Higher School Certificate teachers who teach only the Higher School Certificate. When you graduate from GRC Penshurst Girls you will do so in a supported way to ensure a seamless transition. Our students maintain their ties to our campus, whilst simultaneously accessing a world class education with the confidence to embrace endless opportunities.

The symbol of our college is a tree. This tree represents knowledge, growth, stability and interconnectedness. From the very moment you join us, we are planning your journey and creating your future together.

For further information, click on the link below to view our Information Book:

2017 Information Booklet (PDF 7904KB)

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