Penshurst Girls Campus

Georges River College

Telephone02 9580 3141


The school values equity and access to modern information technologies. Such technologies empower our young women to learn in a global context. In practice it means students have access to computers before school, lunchtime and after school.

Students have access to up to date software. This allows us to learn "in the moment".

An extensive computer network supports student learning. Computers are located in:

  • Library
  • Four computer labs with a multimedia editing lab
  • All classrooms with computer access and data projectors

Students use a variety of software packages in all subjects to:

  • Create and edit movies
  • Work with digital images
  • Create animations
  • Design web pages
  • Create presentations
  • Calculate using spreadsheets
  • Organise information with databases
  • Word process and desktop publishing
  • Access online encyclopaedias
  • Access a digital library of over 900 educational video

All computers can access the Internet. Students are required to work responsibly and must agree to do so when enrolling at the school and every time they log onto the internet. They are encouraged to question the authenticity of information and recognise copyright and intellectual property with the correct use of bibliographies.