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Moodle link

MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a web-based application that enables teachers to provide the full content of their course online in a predictable and intuitive interface. In other words, a Moodle lets a student access course material (lesson notes, assignments, activities, discussions and submit assignments) from any Internet-enables computer.

Below is the link to GRC's Moodle, created to support and enhance the teaching and learning of our students.


Please click on the link below and then on the specific campus moodle site you wish to access.

When the Moodle home page displays, select the campus followed by the KLA category and then the course you wish to access.

A login page will display. Use your DEC Portal username (firstname.familyname) and password to access the Moodle.

The GRC Moodle is for the exclusive use of students and teachers at GRC Penshurst Girls Campus.