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School Finance

The MySchool website will present financial data that will be quite different to that represented in this article, in our Annual School Report and in our Annual Financial Statement. This data shows not only the amount of funds given directly to the school, but also the amount of funding used to employ all staff and to pay for all of the support services at both regional and state-wide levels that our school will access throughout the year.

Generally the costs of running a school can be broken down to the following percentages:

Staff salaries 75%
Cleaning and maintenance costs 7%
Professional learning expenses and IT support for staff 13%
State-wide operations (curriculum support, regional offices, the arts unit) 5%

The amount of funding given to a school is directly linked to the classification of the school in terms of student enrolments. Our school's income is significantly enhanced by payment of the General Contribution and Subject Fees.

Approximately half the annual budget for the school comes from the Department of Education and Training. This covers site items such as gas, electricity, building maintenance, furniture and relief teacher salaries.

The other half of the school funds come from school contributions and P&C funds without which the school could not maintain the wide range of educational experiences currently provided for students. Fees enhance the educational opportunities available to the students.

Funds raised through the General Contribution are used for education resources and facilities in the school. For example, the budget for printing and paper last year was $55,000 and for technology development $80,000 which we will continue to upgrade.

Subject Fees are used to purchase specialist equipment and consumables. Payment of the General Fee is voluntary. However, 50% of the General Service Fee is dedicated to class teaching resources, textbooks and software. Parents need to pay both the General Fee and Subject Fees to assist the school in significantly enhancing the resources and educational experiences provided for the students.

The P&C has endorsed the continuation of an annual fee of $50 for Information Technology Support. This will provide funding for quality and innovative learning experiences across all Key Learning Areas. Consider such things as: interactive software; on line learning; technology equipment not provided by DET (digital cameras, video cameras, scanners); printing consumables.

Additional costs such as excursions, sport, leadership programs and water safety programs as well as optional activities such as band and music tuition will occur throughout the year.

The P&C Funding Support has allowed for many school initiatives including:

·Lockable security cages in PE change room
·Honour Boards in the Hall and upgrading perpetual sporting shields
·Extension of "tracking" system in exhibition spaces such as the Hall and Foyer
·Data projector and screen in the School Hall
·Interactive whiteboards for classrooms
·Data projectors and laptops for classrooms
·New school uniform blazers for students to borrow when representing the school
·Financial assistance for students representing the school

Office hours are 8.15am – 3.30pm.
Students can make payments of fees and excursions by cash or cheque before school, at recess and the first half of lunch. If paying before school please try to bring correct money as no cash is kept overnight on the premises. Payments are not taken at break. Receipts are issued for all money received.

Parents can make payments by cash, cheque or credit card at any time during office hours.
A minimum transaction of $20 applies to credit card payments.

Last date for payment of excursions is set by the teacher conducting the excursions. A minimum of two weeks' notice is usually given for payment – longer for camps.

Unfortunately, late payments cannot be accepted except in exceptional circumstances, as paperwork has to be done and cheques drawn before the actual excursion date. Please try to pay early to avoid disappointment.

The Student Assistance Scheme is available to help students in Years 7-10 who may be experiencing hardship. The assistance may be for items such as uniform, elective subject fees or excursions. Applications for assistance under this scheme should be made in writing to the Head Teacher Welfare.